[GE users] Reserving resources or machines for queued jobs?

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Mon Oct 6 21:35:46 BST 2008

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Am 06.10.2008 um 21:58 schrieb Neil Baker:

> I?ve been reading through the resources chapter of the Grid Engine  
> manual and have been running some initial tests to try it out.   It  
> does appear to be very powerful, but I have been left wondering  
> what will happen to jobs in the following scenario and if it is  
> possible for jobs to reserve machines?
> We have some users that have large jobs requiring 3GB+ of memory  
> (almost all of a machine?s memory), but the vast majority of jobs  
> require less than 512MB memory.  Our execution hosts all have 4GB  
> memory and between 4 and 8 slots.  Both types of jobs have the same  
> priority.
> As a result, if I create a memory resource that is used up as jobs  
> are run (with each job specifying the memory it requires to run),  
> won?t the jobs requiring less memory always jump the queue because  
> there will never be quite enough memory to allow the large jobs to  
> run?  i.e. the jobs requiring almost all the memory be left waiting  
> until a machine becomes available with enough memory (which will  
> only occur when all the smaller jobs are completed)?  At busy  
> times, the queue is never empty of these smaller jobs for a week or  
> more, so I?m worried that the larger jobs be run.
> If this is the case, is there a way that a large job can reserve a  
> resource (well reserve a machine) so that no new jobs are run on a  
> machine and that existing running jobs on it gradually complete  
> freeing up the necessary resource needed for this large job to run?

a) make either h_vmem or virtual_free consumable:


b) switch on reservation and request it for the job with -R y while  
also specifying the necessary amount of memory for each job:


-- Reuti
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