[GE users] qalter : modifying hostnames

Jim Polk jimp at gradientfx.com
Thu Oct 9 20:03:53 BST 2008

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Been programming for years, but new to this list, and still relatively 
new to GridEngine.

We're doing maya/mental ray image rendering, and submitting those as 
task array jobs,
if I have the terminology right.  Recently, we've needed to modify the 
hostnames that
each invidividual job is running.  For example, when the job was first 
submitted it was
able to render on any machine/hostname, then later on, we need to 
confine this job
to just a small number of machines.

 From reading the documentation, it appeared that the "qalter" command 
(using the -l hostname=xxx option)
would do the trick.  (We're using 6.1u4, btw)  The command line man page 
says that multiple "-l" flags
can be given....like so:

       qalter -l hostname=rnode1 -l hostname=rnode2 -l hostname=rnode3

the documentation seems to imply that that our job in question would be 
constrained to only run on
our hosts named "rnode1", "rnode2", and "rnode3".  But curiously, only 
the last argument "takes"...
Meaning that the job now only runs on "rnode3", and won't run on 
"rnode1" or "rnode2".

Can anyone help me and shed some light on how I might accomplish this?

Thank you very much,
-Jim Polk

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