[GE users] users, queues, projects and Fairshare policies question

Gon?alo Borges goncalo at lip.pt
Mon Oct 13 17:55:58 BST 2008

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Dear All...

I would like to ask some question regarding the following situation:

*** CONTEXT ***

- I have a project called DteamGrid containing two acls. Some fair share 
policies are also allocated to this project

    [dteam001 at ce02 ~]$ qconf -sprj DteamGrid
    name DteamGrid
    oticket 0
    fshare 2500000
    acl dteamroles dteamusers
    xacl NONE

- I have defined a cluster queue with the following definitions:

    [dteam001 at ce02 ~]$ qconf -sq dteamgrid | grep projects
    projects              DteamGrid
    xprojects             NONE
    [dteam001 at ce02 ~]$ qconf -sq dteamgrid | grep user_list
    user_lists            NONE
    xuser_lists           NONE

*** PROBLEM ***

- When I try to submit a job using only "qsub <my_script.sh>" the job 
never executes.

[dteam001 at ce02 ~]$ qsub teste.sh
Your job 777537 ("teste.sh") has been submitted

[dteam001 at ce02 ~]$ qstat -j 777537 | grep -i project
                            (no project) does not have the correct 
project to run in cluster queue "dteamgrid"


- The job is only executed if I explicitly do

    1) [dteam001 at ce02 ~]$ qsub -P  DteamGrid  <my_script.sh>

or if I redefine the cluster queue configurations as

    2) [dteam001 at ce02 ~]$ qconf -sq dteamgrid | grep projects
    projects              NONE
    xprojects             NONE
    [dteam001 at ce02 ~]$ qconf -sq dteamgrid | grep user
    user_lists            dteamusers dteamroles
    xuser_lists           NONE


A) I was expecting that SGE would automatically find what cluster queue 
a given user could run his jobs ONLY based on the queue project acess 
list. This doesn't seem to be true and the project argument seems to be 
mandatory, as shown in WORKAROUND 1. Is this true?

B) In WORKAROUND 2),  SGE discovers the appropriate cluster queue a 
given user could run his jobs based on the cluster queue user list 
definition. In this case, and although there is no project associated to 
this cluster queue, will the fair share policy (implemented on a project 
basis) be followed simply because the user belongs to a given project?

Thank in Advance

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