[GE users] Re: effect of automounting home folders in SGE environment under largish qmake loads?

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Fri Oct 17 09:57:25 BST 2008

I wrote:

>> so I wanted to run this by the list
>> -- it feels "right" to me that a heavy workload making use of heavy
>> qmake (aka 'qrsh') calls is going to put some stress on automount as
>> the folders get mounted (and presumably unmounted) as tasks are
>> scattered across nodes. And any automount delays or failures with a
>> home folder would mean that the SSH keys would not be accessible and
>> that would cause the login/authentication issues I've been seeing.
> I wouldn't expect it to do that on the basis of long experience with amd
> unless the mount really times out somehow, waiting on the server.

It occurs to me that the problem might be at the server end, due to a
mount storm.  There's usually a fairly low number of mountd threads
available -- another reason not to automount on the compute nodes,
though rather off-topic.

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