[GE users] looking for OpenMPI start/stop proc_args

Davide Cittaro davide.cittaro at ifom-ieo-campus.it
Fri Oct 17 11:25:51 BST 2008

Hi all, I've installed OpenMPI 1.2.7 and I'm integrating into SGE  
According to ompi website it should work out of the box, but it seems  
that even if GE spawns on different hosts, mpi jobs are just on master  
My pe spec:

pe_name           orte
slots             999
user_lists        NONE
xuser_lists       NONE
start_proc_args   /bin/true
stop_proc_args    /bin/true
allocation_rule   $round_robin
control_slaves    TRUE
job_is_first_task FALSE
urgency_slots     min

I guess there are some scripts to integrate (and that pass hostfile)  
but it seems I'm not able to find them...


Davide Cittaro

Cogentech - Consortium for Genomic Technologies
via adamello, 16
20139 Milano

tel.: +39(02)574303007
e-mail: davide.cittaro at ifom-ieo-campus.it

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