[GE users] tight integration with mvapich and openmpi

Joseph Hargitai joseph.hargitai at nyu.edu
Tue Oct 21 02:42:50 BST 2008

> Not the system's rsh. SGE dynamically starts its own qrsh and
> (modified) rshd pair. But you need to make sure that mpirun uses
> qrsh/rsh from SGE.

and you do that by creating a pe, which calls startmpi.sh and which calls rsh ?

pe_name           mvapich-8
slots             16
user_lists        NONE
xuser_lists       NONE
start_proc_args   /opt/gridengine/mpi/startmpi.sh -catch_rsh $pe_hostfile
stop_proc_args    /opt/gridengine/mpi/stopmpi.sh
allocation_rule   8
control_slaves    TRUE
job_is_first_task FALSE
urgency_slots     min

according to tight integration rules - but that results in error to get to hosts. 


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