[GE users] CPU time = Wallclock time?

Orlando Richards orlando.richards at ed.ac.uk
Wed Oct 22 11:53:47 BST 2008

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Hi folks,

We seem to have a problem with CPU time always being accounted as equal 
to Wallclock time (or sometimes 1s higher) - even if the job is just a 
"sleep 20s" job. The UTIME and STIME report correctly though.

We're running SGE 6.1u4.

We have
execd_params                 SHARETREE_RESERVED_USAGE=TRUE \

so would expect the CPU time to be recorded as roughly UTIME + STIME - 
but this is not the case.

I tried setting SHARETREE_RESERVED_USAGE to FALSE as well, to see if it 
made any difference, and suddenly we get the expected behaviour (CPU 
time = 0, wallclock = 20).

Does anyone know if this is expected behaviour? Is there anything we can 
do to correct it?

Sample qacct -j JOBID output for a 20s sleep job:

qname        ecdf
hostname     node005.beowulf.cluster
group        is_iti_ug
owner        orichard
project      ecdf_baseline
department   defaultdepartment
jobname      simple.sh
jobnumber    1445888
taskid       undefined
account      sge
priority     5
qsub_time    Wed Oct 22 11:51:42 2008
start_time   Wed Oct 22 11:52:18 2008
end_time     Wed Oct 22 11:52:38 2008
granted_pe   NONE
slots        1
failed       0
exit_status  0
ru_wallclock 20
ru_utime     0
ru_stime     0
ru_maxrss    0
ru_ixrss     0
ru_ismrss    0
ru_idrss     0
ru_isrss     0
ru_minflt    1622
ru_majflt    0
ru_nswap     0
ru_inblock   0
ru_oublock   0
ru_msgsnd    0
ru_msgrcv    0
ru_nsignals  0
ru_nvcsw     30
ru_nivcsw    4
cpu          20
mem          40.020
io           0.000
iow          0.000
maxvmem      103.973M

    Dr Orlando Richards
   Information Services
IT Infrastructure Division
        Unix Section
     Tel: 0131 650 4994

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Scotland, with registration number SC005336.

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