[GE users] Fixing a broken Berkeley database?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Wed Oct 22 16:41:40 BST 2008

    Orlando> I'm happy to report that we have repaired the database, by
    Orlando> using "db_dump" followed by "db_load".

Did db_dump complain about anything?  Any chance you updated BerkDB during
the interval?  The Berkeley DB people have a nasty habit of changing the
file format across minor version upgrades.  You might have run some sequence
of commands like this (over a fairly long timeframe):

    run SGE, everything's copacetic
    time passes
    someone updates BerkDB
    time passes, people forget the possible connection between SGE/BerkDB
    stop/start SGE, all hell breaks loose
    think about the problem
    stop SGE
    run db_dump/db_load
    start SGE, everything's copacetic

Perhaps that's what you encountered.


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