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Mag Gam magawake at gmail.com
Sat Oct 25 01:40:57 BST 2008

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Hello All.

We have a professor who is notorious for bring down our engineering
GRID (64 servers) servers due to his direct numerical simulations. He
basically runs a Java program with -Xmx 40000m (40 gigs). This
preallocates 40 gigs of memory and then crashes the box because there
are other processes running on the box. Each box has 128G of Physical
memory. He runs the application like this:
cat series | java -Xmx 40000m fluid0 > out.dat

the "series" file has over 10 million records.

I was thinking of something like this: split the 10 million records
into 10 files (each file has 1 million record), submit 10 array jobs,
and then output to out.dat. But the order for 'out.dat' matters! I
would like to run these 10 jobs independently, but how can I maintain
order?  Or is there a better way to do this?

By him submitting his current job it would not be wise...


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