[GE users] qsub -wd usage

Bart Willems b-willems at northwestern.edu
Sat Oct 25 23:42:40 BST 2008

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Hi All,

I am trying to make our cluster users make use of local scratch space
instead of NFS storage while running their jobs. What I would like to do
is something along the lines of the following job submission script:


# This script should be submitted to the batch scheduler with the qsub
# command as "qsub <scriptname>".

# Lines that begin with "#$" are interpreted by the batch scheduler (SGE)
# as scheduling commands.

# Use this shell as the default shell
#$ -S /bin/bash

# Combine stdout and stderr of job
#$ -j y

# Specify the requested cpu time
#$ -l h_cpu=00:10:00

# Define source and working directories

# Create working directory
mkdir -p $WRKDIR

# Change to working directory

# Copy needed files to working directory.
cp $SRCDIR/helloworld .

# run job from working directory
#$ -wd $WRKDIR

# computational command to run

At the end, I would evidently copy back all files from $WRKDIR to $SRCDIR,
but I 'm not even getting that far. The two problems I seem to be facing

(1) the -wd option does not like to be followed by a variable
(2) the -wd option must be followed by a directory that already exists

Eventually, I would like the working directory name WRKDIR to be based on
the job_id to make sure that it 's unique, so I cannot make the
directories in advance.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to tackle this?


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