[GE users] Setting the From: field in Sun Grid Engine

John Hearns hearnsj at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 28 14:19:39 GMT 2008

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2008/10/28 Mark Hewitt <mh613 at york.ac.uk>

> Hello,
> I administer the Sun Grid Engine setup at University of York.
> Whenever a job fails on our system it sends out an email with a return
> address of e.g. root at nevada05.wrg.york.ac.uk. This causes problems with
> our central email service as obviously it is not a valid email address.
> Is it possible to reconfigure Sun Grid Engine to use a different address of
> my own choosing?
> Mark,
  this is really a question of how to configure the Postfix email system,
rather than Gridengine.
I worked out how to configure the email from Gridengine on a Streamline/SuSE
and did set it up on a few sites. This problem of campus email smarthosts
only accepting email from
systemw which have resolvable hostnames is common, and you can understand
why campus admins set things that way.
I'll be happy to share my thoughts with you if you drop me an email

Not having my notes immediately to hand, what you can do is rewrite the from
address to change
root at nevada05.wrg.york.ac.uk   to (say)  nevada05 at headnode.wrg.york.ac.uk

As I remember I left it at the stage of having to create a Postfix table
containing an alias like this for each node - you should be able to wildcard
it, but I didn't get that far.
As I say, please drop me an email.

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