[GE users] Setting the From: field in Sun Grid Engine

John Hearns hearnsj at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 28 14:23:19 GMT 2008

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2008/10/28 Mark Hewitt <mh613 at york.ac.uk>

> Hello,
> I administer the Sun Grid Engine setup at University of York.
> Whenever a job fails on our system it sends out an email with a return
> address of e.g. root at nevada05.wrg.york.ac.uk. This causes problems with
> our central email service as obviously it is not a valid email address.
> Is it possible to reconfigure Sun Grid Engine to use a different address of
> my own choosing?
  I might not have this exactly right, but look at the
/etc/postfix/sender_canonical  map.
You also need to set relay_domains in the main.cf but I imagine this is done

John Hearns

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