[GE users] Setting the From: field in Sun Grid Engine

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Oct 28 14:32:09 GMT 2008

Am 28.10.2008 um 15:19 schrieb John Hearns:

> 2008/10/28 Mark Hewitt <mh613 at york.ac.uk>
> Hello,
> I administer the Sun Grid Engine setup at University of York.
> Whenever a job fails on our system it sends out an email with a  
> return address of e.g. root at nevada05.wrg.york.ac.uk. This causes  
> problems with our central email service as obviously it is not a  
> valid email address.
> Is it possible to reconfigure Sun Grid Engine to use a different  
> address of my own choosing?
> Mark,
>   this is really a question of how to configure the Postfix email  
> system, rather than Gridengine.
> I worked out how to configure the email from Gridengine on a  
> Streamline/SuSE system,
> and did set it up on a few sites. This problem of campus email  
> smarthosts only accepting email from
> systemw which have resolvable hostnames is common, and you can  
> understand why campus admins set things that way.
> I'll be happy to share my thoughts with you if you drop me an email  
> off-list.
> Not having my notes immediately to hand, what you can do is rewrite  
> the from address to change
> root at nevada05.wrg.york.ac.uk   to (say)   
> nevada05 at headnode.wrg.york.ac.uk
> As I remember I left it at the stage of having to create a Postfix  
> table containing an alias like this for each node - you should be  
> able to wildcard it, but I didn't get that far.
> As I say, please drop me an email.

Yes, emails from the nodes have to get different sending addresses.  
You can even do it in SGE with a mail wrapper putting in the address  
you like in the mail command (-r option), but I also preferred a  
change in the postfix system:

$ cat sender_canonical
/^(.*@)(.*)$/     ${1}my.external.headnode.address.edu

and define it different in main.cf, as it's a regexp and not a hash:

sender_canonical_maps = regexp:/etc/postfix/sender_canonical

There is no need to build any table, which need only to be done for  

-- Reuti

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