[GE users] Parallel jobs on Heterogenous clusters

John Hearns hearnsj at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 28 14:53:50 GMT 2008

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2008/10/28 Gerald Ragghianti <geri at utk.edu>

> I there a simple way to prevent parallel jobs from running across certain
> sets of machines?  For instance, this would be important if you have hosts
> with widely different processor speeds or if you have multiple Infiniband
> fabrics.

You can do this (if you want to do it this way) by defining a complex (qconf
Let's call them  'type1' and 'type2' These are Boolean resources.
Then for each host, set complex_values  type1=true   (or type2=true)
USers then   qsub -l type1   to select type1 machines
(or qsub -l infiniband or whatever)

Actually, you are better to use hostgroups. Just create two hostgroups,
called @type1 and @type2
Add the type1 and 2 machines to each hostgroup (qconf -ahgrp) and the users
then request a specific hostgroup on the qsub line.

Hostgroups would be the cleanest way to do this.

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