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Daniel Templeton Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 28 19:53:56 GMT 2008

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I would highly recommend upgrading to something more recent than 6.0u5.  
Even 6.0u8 would be an improvement.  6.2u1, which will be coming out 
soon, is what I would recommend.  The 6.1 branch is only receiving bug 
fixes now.  The Sun Grid Engine product is our build of the Grid Engine 
open source project.  Same source tree, different binaries.  SGE is sold 
on a subscription basis that includes support costs.

Good places for SGE info:



John Foley wrote:
> SGE Users -
> hello - newbie alert - I'm just coming up to speed on a SGE installation
> that predates me (ie, I moved to a group that uses SGE, but I'm just
> learning it).
> So I have a couple of basic questions - hopefully this is an appropriate
> place to ask them, as I couldn't find a "better" mailing list....
> TIA for any help and direction !
>     John
> 1 - we're running 6.0u5, and I will be updating to a newer version once
>     I get up to speed on the system. I see there's a 6.1u5, and also
>     a 6.2. While my inclination is to stick with the 6.1 line of code,
>     I'm wondering if anyone knows what the future of 6.1 is - will
>     there be more updates to it, or will all future work and releases
>     go into 6.2 ?  (ie, is there enough of a difference in the feature
>     and code base between 6.1.x and 6.2.x that both will be 
> "supported" ?)
> 2 - speaking of support, I thought I had heard somewhere that Sun will
>     provide support for SGE for a charge - is that the case ?  If so,
>     is this the product they support, or do they have their own
>     distribution that they support ?
> 3 - Besides the manuals, I've found some good info at
>     http://wikis.sun.com/display/GridEngine/Grid+Engine -- any 
> recommendations
>     for other good info sites ?
>  Many Thanks !

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