[GE users] Permissions for active_jobs/job_scripts directories

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri Oct 31 13:14:22 GMT 2008

Hi Esteban,

Am 31.10.2008 um 10:28 schrieb Esteban Freire:

> Hi Reuti,
> I would like comment you some doubts.  We have been testing prolog  
> script on the execution_hosts and it's exactly what we want.


> But we still see an issue, when a job is submitted, while it's in  
> state *qw*, the content for the job is on *$SGE_ROOT/default/spool/ 
> qmaster/job_scripts/job_ID* on the machine that is running the  
> qmaster, a possible solution could be put 700 permissions to  
> *job_scripts* directory,

As I suggested - great.

> but I'd would like to know if I could do the same that in the  
> execution hosts, for example, configuring a prolog in the SGE  
> global configuration for do this, by the way, we don't use NFS and  
> therefore we don't have shared the $SGE_ROOT directory between the  
> qmaster and the execution hosts.
> On the other hand, we tried to configure 700 permissions to  
> *job_scripts* directory,
> but on the execution hosts, and  this  put  the queue  in error state.

Correct, as the executing job script will be done be the user of the  
job. Therefore it must be tuned per file in this directory in the  

> Today, we're going to try install SGE with Berkeley DB spooling  
> instead of classic spool,

You will still need to set the protections of one of the BDB files.  
Although they are binary, some users could peak inside.

An easier approach: separate the submit and qmaster machine. On the  
qmaster machine you could put the qmaster spooling directory into / 
var/spool/sge/qmaster. When noone can login to the qmaster machine,  
noone can see the jobs.

> I heard that you can configure *postgresgl* too, but I didn't find  
> enough information about it, and I don't understand if Postgres is  
> only used for the accounting, or it can be configured SGE +  
> Postgres, instead use Berkley DB. I would appreciate if you can  
> indicate  me some link/web page, with more information about how  
> configure this.

For now it's only used in conjunction with ARCo. Somehow I remember  
slightly, that in former times SGE could be compiled to use Postgres  
for storing the spooling information. But maybe it was only to test  
it's integration before it was decided to use BDB .

-- Reuti

> Thank you very much,
> Esteban
> Reuti wrote:
>> Hi Esteban,
>> Am 27.10.2008 um 10:29 schrieb Esteban Freire:
>>> Hello all,
>>> Checking the permissions for active_jobs/jobs and active_jobs  
>>> under 'qmaster' or 'compute*' directories, we have seen that this  
>>> directories can be read by all users on the node and therefore  
>>> this is not  secure  for us, because in principle, it would be  
>>> interesting that an user cannot read the job of another user.
>> correct. That's the way it's implemented. While for the qmaster  
>> spool directory you could change the permissions of the directory  
>> to avoid it (or use SGE 6.2 with Berkeley DB spooling), I'm not  
>> aware of the option to change it for the execution node with a  
>> simple default setting.
>> Nevertheless: you could use a queue prolog to change the  
>> protection of the job just before the job starts. Chances are low,  
>> that in this short timeframe anyone can get access script:
>> #!/bin/sh
>> chown $USER $JOB_SCRIPT
>> chgrp `id $USER -gn` $JOB_SCRIPT
>> chmod o= $JOB_SCRIPT
>> exit 0
>> This prolog must be defined in the queue definition to also  
>> execute as root, i.e. "root at all.q.prolog" or alike.
>> -- Reuti
>>> Maybe, we didn't install SGE correctly, or it's necessary  
>>> indicate something on the scheduler or global configuration, or  
>>> doing the installation indicating an extra parameter.
>>> I would appreciate if someone could help me with this.
>>> $SGE_ROOT/default/spool/compute*
>>> drwxr-xr-x  4 root root  4096 Oct 27 09:17 active_jobs
>>> drwxr-xr-x  3 root root  4096 Oct 27 08:56 jobs
>>> drwxr-xr-x  2 root root  4096 Oct 27 09:17 active_jobs
>>> $SGE_ROOT/default/spool/qmaster
>>> drwxr-xr-x   2 root root   12288 Oct 27 10:12 job_scripts
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> Esteban
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