[GE users] SMP trouble

Luca Tola luca.tola at phitecingegneria.it
Mon Sep 1 15:37:07 BST 2008

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Hi all,
I'm trying to run parallel SMP job on my same 4-CPU execution host.
I've created my PE with qconf  -ap smp4 :

pe_name             smp4
slots                    4
user_lists            NONE
xuser_lists          NONE
start_proc_args  NONE
stop_proc_args  NONE
allocation_rule   $pe_slots
control_slaves    FALSE
job_is_first_task TRUE
urgency_slots     max

My queue configuration is:
qname                        calcolo
hostlist                        cluster
seq_no                        0
load_thresholds          np_load_avg=1.75
suspend_thresholds    NONE
nsuspend                   1
suspend_interval       00:05:00
priority                      0
min_cpu_interval      00:05:00
processors                4
qtype                        BATCH INTERACTIVE
ckpt_list                   NONE
pe_list                      make smp4
rerun                       FALSE
slots                         4
tmpdir                     /tmp
shell                        /bin/csh
prolog                     NONE
epilog                      NONE

When I try to submit with:
qsub -q calcolo -pe smp4 4 run_eng.sh
the job runs but on only one CPU instead of all CPU in my execution host.

qstat -f

queuename                      qtype used/tot. load_avg arch          states
all.q at PING6                    BIP   0/1       -NA-     lx24-x86      au
all.q at cluster                  BIP   0/4       0.03     lx24-amd64   
all.q at sge-glexec1              BIP   0/1       0.00     lx24-x86     
calcolo at cluster                BIP   0/4       0.03     lx24-amd64   
post_processing at sge-glexec1    BIP   0/1       0.00     lx24-x86     

Can somebody tell me where I'making an error?


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