[GE users] trying to remove an execution host (NEWBIE ALERT)

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Mon Sep 8 17:02:01 BST 2008

Hi Paolo,

Do a "qconf -mq all.q" and look at the "hosts" line of the queue  
configuration. If you mistaken host is listed there just remove it and  
the change will be made live as soon as you exit from the editor  

If you just see a SGE hostgroup such as "@allhosts" mentioned in your  
queue config then you need to edit the hostgroup to remove the host in  
question that can be dine via:

   qconf -mhgrp @allhosts

... or similar. Again, just like all SGE interactive configuration  
actions, your change is "live" in the system once you exit from the  
editor session.

I've personally had better luck running the SGE installer scripts in  
"remove" mode to delete execution hosts. If you go into $SGE_ROOT and  
run "./ins_sge -h" the help syntax will show you how to invoke the  
script such that you are removing rather than installing the exechost.  
I don't recall from memory what the exact command is through.


On Sep 8, 2008, at 11:50 AM, Paolo Supino wrote:

> Hi
>   I mistakenly added the master host as an execution host and now  
> I'm trying to remove it. But when I try to remove it using qconf -de  
> [hostname] it prints out the following error message: Host object  
> [hostname] is still referenced in cluster queue "all.q". How do I  
> remove the host from the all.q so I can remove it from the execution  
> list?
> --
> Paolo

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