[GE users] Selecting "no queue" to qsub when a default is configured?

Neil Baker neil.baker at crl.toshiba.co.uk
Tue Sep 16 13:52:03 BST 2008





When you have a default queue defined in sge_request (to support legacy
submit scripts), is it possible to override this default queue in the "qsub"
arguments when you don't want to specify a queue (in order to test job
assignment using complex attributes)?


Background info:


Our current grid has queues called "L" & "H".  The "L" queue is used by
default if users don't specify a queue when using qsub command.  Most of the
user submit scripts don't specify a queue.  Unfortunately there are too many
script to modify.


I'm now adding complex attributes together with multiple queues and want
slots across these queues to be selected based on resources and not on the
users specifying specific queues.  However, while I'm developing this we
still need the current "L" & "H" queues in place with the default queue so
that they can continue using the grid.


Is there a way of testing job assignment based on complex attributes in this
setup without having to remove the default queue from sge_request?










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