[GE users] Next Grid Engine release plan

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Tue Sep 23 13:59:10 BST 2008


you have seen Ernst's request for discussion on the job submission verifier
specification and you might wonder when this becomes available?

So here is this plan: it's a tentative plan, yet subject to change partly or
completely. By no means it can be seen as an announcement from Sun
Microsystems about a future Sun Grid Engine release!

We target to deliver a minor Grid Engine update release in Q1 2009. The code
name we've given it internally is "Urubu". In the end we might call it e.g.
"Grid Engine 6.2 Product Update 1" or "Grid Engine 6.3", so lets call simply
"Urubu" from now on.

The schedule for Urubu is quite tight so not too many features can go in
there. The code freeze is planned for the November time frame already.

What we plan for the Grid Engine community edition is as follows:
  - a GUI install helper (actually creating a autoinstall template file and
    the run the installation automatically. This is clearly intended to make
    life for SGE forst time users easier. the current CLI interface will
    continue to be the foundation - any hack you've done there will continue
    to work. We evaluate the "iZPack" installer and will likely use it
    (however with various of modifications)
  - a job submission verifier (jsv) functionality - please provide your
    feedback as soon as possible to Ernst's email
  - ability to continue to run jobs when an upgrade from Grid Engine 6.2 to
    Urubu - this is a first step to a broader patch management support we
    plan in the future
  - we evaluate how resource requests for parallel jobs can be counted only
    per job and possibly per host. A functional spec for discussion will be
    sent in the next 1-2 days to this alias.
  - we intend to support Windows Vista and Windows Server with Urubu. This
    would include Windows Server 2003R2 and 2008 and Vista Enterprise and
    Ultimate. It would not include Vista Business and lower versions! The
    reason is that SUA (Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications), the
    successor of SFU (Services for Unix) in the Windows OS was made only
    available by Microsoft for their high end releases.

In case you are planning for any community contributions to Grid Engine
which you think could go into Urubu please discuss your ideas as soon as


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