[GE users] Reserving a queue for memory usage a <= b

Aaron Turner aaron.turner at cs.york.ac.uk
Wed Sep 24 15:27:37 BST 2008

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Reuti wrote:

Many thanks, that has done the trick!

> See below.
Actually we already had -w e enabled - I was just being belt and braces 
with my requirements list!
> There is no "issue" with SGE regarding checkpointing, it is simply not 
> designed to do it on its own. 
I understand that. The issue is that it is not obvious how to do the 
checkpointing behind-the-scenes for users. This either requires a change 
in the integration of SGE and checkpointing so that we (as system 
admins) can maintain a list of application/environment pairings, or a 
default checkpointing environment working on an lowest common 
denominator basis. At the moment the integration isn't seamless and so a 
lot of users end up not running jobs against checkpointing environment. 
In a more service-oriented/software as a service paradigm in which the 
applications can be wrapped then the issue vanishes for users (i.e. 
system administrators effectively maintain the wrappers and the pairing 
of applications and the most efficient checkpointing environment). I do 
have in my intray a task to look the Berkley stuff, though, to see if 
that can provide a base environment.


 Aaron Turner

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