[GE users] Please Review: Non-Multiplied Consumable Requests for Parallel Jobs

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Thu Sep 25 14:45:31 BST 2008



> The ability to request exclusive nodes would be really useful for us.
> so that users get charged for the number of slots that they are using up
> (NSlots x WallTime). It would be good if requesting an exclusive job
> would mean that a user gets charged for using up all the slots in the
> containing queue, as we wouldn't want a user to request a single slot on
> a 16 core machine, but with exclusive access and not be charged for it.

I understand you need: you fear your users could abuse this feature and try
to get nodes exclusively but will not get accounted for it properly. However
there are use cases where this features is needed to get accesss exclusively
to a machine because there's some special hardware in it - in this case the
user should not be charged for the remaining slots. You certainly could
argue that if you have job types in your cluster which require exclusive
access and this leaves some of the computational resources on a machine
unused you should not charge the user for this problem.

You say a user should be accounted for the remaining slots in the queue
instance in that host(s). However this exclusive access also makes all other
queue instances on that hosts unusable. Even no "debug" "low priority" or
other jobs could run on that host.

Regards "documentation" purposes: I would not change the "accounting" file -
it would overstretch what this simple single line record can do. Rather this
information could/should be somehow reflected for the "reporting" file -
just like information for Advance Reservations in the "reporting" enable an
admin to see who has requested resources (which possibly had not been used).


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