[GE users] ARCO in a mixed environment

Mike Hanby mhanby at uab.edu
Thu Sep 25 15:01:04 BST 2008

Thanks for the reply. I might be able to use this information as
leverage to upgrade the software stack on the cluster.


Management is pining for an easy way to generate statistical data and
charts, maybe the promise of ARCO will convince them it's time to
upgrade :-)


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Subject: Re: [GE users] ARCO in a mixed environment



The 6.2 Arco will not work on the 6.0u4, 6.0u8 cluster. There is a one
'hack' that would allow you to do so, however I would not recommend it. 

There has been some bugs in SGE that are related to the data being
reported. These bugs have been fixed in later versions (not 6.0u4,
6.0u8), and your data might become comromised and unfixable, also the
queries  intended for 6.2 versions would not produce correct results.
I'd recommend first upgrading at least the 6.0 clusters to minimally
6.1u4, if not to 6.2.


Jana Olivova

On 09/24/08 23:38, Mike Hanby wrote: 



I have 4 clusters that have their own Grid Engine install with the
following versions:

SGE 6.0u4

GE  6.0u8

GE  6.1u4

GE  6.1u4


All 4 are generating the reporting file (the two oldest are several
hundred MBs in size).


I'd like to start using ARCO to accomplish the following:

Store the reporting info for each cluster on a single db server with
single DB using different schemas for each cluster

Provide a single web interface for all the reporting


Will this work with each of the versions listed above?


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