[GE users] Can't get SGE 6.1u5 to work on Linux/PPC64

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Sep 25 15:21:18 BST 2008

Hi Nick,

I'm guessing that maybe the PDC part of SGE on your ppc systems is  
unable to poll the apple nodes to get load and state status.

Can you try the following?

Run the utilbin/loadcheck program on your PPC systems and see what  
comes back?

Running it on my OS X intel macbook pro returns:

> $ /opt/sge/utilbin/darwin-x86/loadcheck
> arch            darwin-x86
> num_proc        2
> load_short      1.35
> load_medium     1.37
> load_long       1.39
> mem_free        2044.082031M
> swap_free       0.000000M
> virtual_free    2044.082031M
> mem_total       4096.000000M
> swap_total      0.000000M
> virtual_total   4096.000000M
> mem_used        2051.917969M
> swap_used       0.000000M
> virtual_used    2051.917969M
> cpu             45.5%

If you can't find the equiv for your PPC/Linux setup then I think that  
may be the issue (SGE is running but can't collect local performance  


On Sep 25, 2008, at 2:26 AM, Nick Tan wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am setting up a cluster with 33 nodes running Linux on x86_64  
> (SunFire X2100) and 40 nodes running Linux on ppc64 (Apple Xserve G5  
> cluster node).
> I am using the precompiled SGE binaries for the x86_64 nodes which  
> are working fine.  I have compiled SGE for the PPC64 nodes.  The  
> x86_64 nodes are running CentOS 5.2 and the PPC64 nodes are running  
> Fedora 9.
> sge_execd starts on the ppc64 node but I get this in the "qstat -f - 
> explain a" output
> all.q at bionode34.biocluster     BIP   0/1       -NA-     - 
> NA-          a
>        error: no complex attribute for threshold np_load_avg
> What can I do to fix this?  I've searched the mailing list archives  
> but couldn't find anything so I'm hoping someone will be able to help.
> Thanks,
> Nick

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