[GE users] MPI Job Execution

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Sep 25 15:29:54 BST 2008


This is what I'd recommend:

(1) Determine what sort of MPI environment you have or need to install  
(there are many implementations of the MPI standard)
(1.5) If you don't know what MPI to start with, start with OpenMPI  
from openmpi.org as that works beautifully with SGE in tight  
integration mode
(2) Set up and install MPI
(3) Compile the example cpi.c program using MPICC
(4) Run your MPI job outside of Grid Engine using passwordless SSH to  
the nodes

The basic idea here is that integrating MPI with Grid Engine is far,  
far easier if you are first able to validate for yourself that MPI  
works on its own. I've seen many "SGE can't handle MPI" trouble  
tickets where the actual problem was with the MPI install and not Grid  

Once you have MPI working outside of SGE and ideally with a real world  
application then you can move on to SGE work ...

(1) example scripts can be found in $SGE_ROOT/mpi/
(2) The documentation on wikis.sun.com for Grid Engine covers PE and  
parallel environment stuff well
(3) A few google searches on "tight mpi integration with SGE" or  
similar will show you other HOWTO methods

If you use openmpi and compile it with the "--with-sge" option then  
OpenMPI will automatically detect that it is running under Grid Engine  
and will do the right thing. This is currently (in my opinion) the  
fastest and easiest way to get a working tight MPI integration into  
SGE at this time.

For the difference between "tight" and "loose" PE integration and why  
tight is better if you can achieve it, these links may help:



On Sep 25, 2008, at 9:18 AM, rajesh britto wrote:

> hi,
>  i have installed sge6.2 in a cluster and it works fine for  
> sequential job.. when i submit an mpi job the job gets submitted and  
> it goes to the waiting state.. (qw state)
>  i need to know how to set up parallel environment to run a mpi job,  
> if any one has any document it will be usefull..
>  thanks in advance..
> with regards,
> RB

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