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rhierlmeier richard.hierlmeier at sun.com
Mon Aug 3 07:48:33 BST 2009

Hi Chansup,

cbyun wrote:
> Hi Richard,
>>> But, I observed that the startupCloudHosts hook only wake up one host at
>> a time instead of multiple hosts.   So I am wondering how the cloud
>> startup hook calculates the number of needed hosts.
>> Try to set the min/max parameter in the cloud adapter config to lets say 5.
>> Cloud Adapter will start in a first step one cloud host. The first cloud
>> host is
>> treated a vpn server and it is started always as a single first host . In
>> a
>> second step it will start the next 4 missing hosts in a single action (by
>> calling startupCloudsHost 4).
>> The GE adapter (if it requests 100 hosts) will get first the 1 host (vpn
>> server)
>> and later the 4 additional hosts. If cloud adapter has no more active
>> hosts
>> (=resources) the resource request of  GE adapter can not be fulfilled. GE
>> adapter must wait until the resource amount optimizer has provided the
>> additional hosts. When a resource is moved out of the cloud adapter the
>> resource
>> amount optimizer tries to fill the gab. I will startup additional cloud
>> hosts.
>> It can start more than one host in a single action.
> Are you suggesting to set like below in the optimizer configuration?
>     <cloud_adapter:optimizer xsi:type="cloud_adapter:MinMaxResourceAmountOptimizerConfig"
>                              max="5"
>                              min="1">

With setting max=5 and min=1 your power saving cloud adapter will keep always 5 
hosts alive and it will only startup one resource in one action. At startup of 
the cloud adapter it will ensure that 1 resource is started. If there are more 
then 5 resources alive it will shutdown the excess.

For your use case setting max=min=n should be more suitable (where n is the 
number of spare hosts that should be always kept alive). At startup the cloud 
adapter will check that at least n host are alive. GE adapter will get then up 
to n hosts for a resource request.

As I wrote in a previous email the resource amount optimizer strategy for the 
cloud adapter of SDM 1.0u3 does not fit perfectly for the power saving use case.
However we are working on it for the next feature release.


> Thanks,
> - Chansup
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