[GE users] Need help on configuring queues

templedf dan.templeton at sun.com
Thu Aug 13 15:58:59 BST 2009

Yep, subordinates is what you want. Only jobs in the subordinated queue 
on the same machine will be suspended.


mad wrote:
> I want to build three queues
> het no limits, includes compute-0-30. compute-0-31, compute-0-32,  
> compute-0-33
> het-24hr, 24 hr limit, includes 8 processors, compute-0-33
> het-2hr, 2 hr limit, includes 16 processors, compute-0-32 and  
> compute-0-31
> het-2hr and het-24hr take precedent over het on their compute nodes.
> At the moment all three queues can use all four compute-nodes so I am  
> getting crossover use from one queue to another.
> All 32 slots are being used by het and 8 slots are being used on  
> het-24hr.  This means that one of the compute nodes
> has twice as many jobs running on it than it should.
> If the het queue is running 32 jobs (all the slots filled) and someone  
> starts a job on het-24hr, I would like the grid engine
> to suspend the eight jobs on compute-0-33 and run the job submitted to  
> het-24hr.  When the job submitted to het-24hr
> completes, the eight jobs that were suspended on compute-0-33 should  
> resume.
> I was thinking that the Subordinates section might solve this problem,  
> but if het is a subordinate to het-24hr, will all of it's
> jobs be suspended or just the ones on the shared compute nodes?
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