[GE users] qstat2 only shows my own jobs

bomb20 Harvey.Richardson at zeenty.com
Fri Aug 14 09:21:20 BST 2009

uddeborg wrote:
> bomb20 writes:
>> I can just remove this option (you can remove the "-u" case from
>> the parse_args subroutine in the scripts) if I assume nobody has an
>> old Grid Engine config.
> The -u flag was there before the switch too.  Only the default, when
> no explicit -u flag was given, changed.  So just passing the -u flag
> to qstat directly would work in an old environment too.  You didn't
> HAVE to do the filtering in the script.  (Or do I miss something?)
> Thinking about it, it would probably cause the least surprises.  Let
> qstat and qstat2 give the same semantics to -u.  

I think the best thing is to chnage it to not specially handle -u other
than pass on the "*" correctly.

>> Note that the "-j" flag is completely different.
> I was a little brief there.  It is true it is different in the sense
> that the argument can't be passed directly to qstat to solve the
> problem.  But there is a related problem in that "qstat -j X" will
> give me information about job X under all circumstances, while
> "qstat2 -j X" will give me information about job X only if it happens
> to be my own job.  Otherwise I will get nothing.

I will think about the options here and see what I can come up with.



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