[GE users] Requesting Slots for Parallel Jobs Based on Cores/CPU

sumyee sum-yee.lai at hp.com
Mon Aug 17 21:02:56 BST 2009


I have a small cluster with various machine types:  2-quad core CPUs, 2-dual core CPUs, 1 CPU (1 core), and 1 CPU-dual cores.  Is there a way I can send parallel jobs to these machines and have the number of slots used based on the number of cores per CPU?  For example, if a parallel job gets sent to a quad core, it will use 4 slots.  If it gets sent to a dual core, it will get 2 slots.  If it goes on a machine with only 1 core, it will get 1 slot.  I want serial jobs to go on these machines and take up only 1 core each.


Sum Yee

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