[GE users] app that uses all cores on a host

crtierney42 craig.tierney at noaa.gov
Wed Aug 19 15:40:43 BST 2009

cjf001 wrote:
> Guys -
> Don't know if this is common or easy or not, but I figured I'd ask here
> first....
> I'm adding a new app to our cluster - Agilent's "Momentum". This simulator
> just runs on a single host at a time (ie, no parallel environment), but
> it's "smart" enough to use all the available CPUs and cores on the host
> it's running on.
> So, I think this is going to be a problem for SGE. It's going to think
> it's assigning a job to 1 slot, when in reality it's going to use all
> the slots on that host. Also, on the flip side, if there's a single slot
> available on a multi-core host, it might assign the Momemtum job to that
> slot, but then Momentum will take over all the cores and interfere with
> the other jobs running there.
> Is there a graceful way of handling this kind of app ? I'm using SGE6.2_u2.
>      Thanks,
>        John

You could set the number of slots on the host to one (use qconf -se for
each host, under complex_values set slots=1).  Or, you could create
a parallel environment, set the allocation_rule to pe_slots, then ensure that
all users always request the full number of slots on each host (with a wrapper



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