[GE users] CPlex licenses on SGE cluster

craffi dag at sonsorol.org
Wed Aug 26 13:07:59 BST 2009

Software license handling on a cluster is interesting, the  
implementation depends on specifics within your environment ...

In most cases you don't need to integrate the scheduler with the  
license system:

- If you have a sitewide license the cluster scheduler does not matter

- If you have enough licenses to cover all available job slots than  
the cluster scheduler does not matter, just get the software to work  
on the cluster and don't bother teaching the cluster or scheduler  
about the licenses

And in the more common cases:

- If the license is nodelocked to certain machines then handle it with  
SGE requestable resources associated with those machines

- If you have less licenses than nodes and the licenses are only used  
on the cluster than just handle this with a consumable requestable  
resource that limits the number of running license-needing jobs to the  
number of licenses you have

It only really gets complicated where you have a software license  
server that serves clients other than your cluster. In that case you  
actually have to make the cluster "license aware" because it needs to  
poll the license server in order to find out how many usable instances  
are remaining for each application or application feature. This is  
where the "Olexen flexlm method" comes into play.

What it comes down to is that maybe 80% of the time you don't need to  
really make the cluster "license aware" - you can just treat the  
license issue as just another requestable resource with a built-in  


On Aug 26, 2009, at 7:28 AM, murple wrote:

> Hi,
> I've just been given the task to install some CPlex "token" licenses
> (and software) on our cluster. Since I never installed CPlex or any
> license aware software on a cluster I have some questions:
> - As I read there are some "cluster aware" license managers out there.
> What do I get from them? Is there anything compatible with this "ILOG
> License Manager" for CPlex?
> - What about using the normal license manager in addition to a
>   complex (number same as number of licenses):
>   1. job request complex
>   2. job requests license
>   3. job runs
>   4. job releases license
>   5. job releases complex
> regards, Andreas
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