[GE users] CPlex licenses on SGE cluster

murple andreas.kuntzagk at mdc-berlin.de
Wed Aug 26 13:25:19 BST 2009


that answered my questions quite well. I didn't think of software 
outside the cluster using the licenses. Btw. I just learned that our 
licenses are node-locked anyway. So that makes thinks even easier.

regards, Andreas

> Software license handling on a cluster is interesting, the  
> implementation depends on specifics within your environment ...
> In most cases you don't need to integrate the scheduler with the  
> license system:
> - If you have a sitewide license the cluster scheduler does not matter
> - If you have enough licenses to cover all available job slots than  
> the cluster scheduler does not matter, just get the software to work  
> on the cluster and don't bother teaching the cluster or scheduler  
> about the licenses
> And in the more common cases:
> - If the license is nodelocked to certain machines then handle it with  
> SGE requestable resources associated with those machines
> - If you have less licenses than nodes and the licenses are only used  
> on the cluster than just handle this with a consumable requestable  
> resource that limits the number of running license-needing jobs to the  
> number of licenses you have
> It only really gets complicated where you have a software license  
> server that serves clients other than your cluster. In that case you  
> actually have to make the cluster "license aware" because it needs to  
> poll the license server in order to find out how many usable instances  
> are remaining for each application or application feature. This is  
> where the "Olexen flexlm method" comes into play.
> What it comes down to is that maybe 80% of the time you don't need to  
> really make the cluster "license aware" - you can just treat the  
> license issue as just another requestable resource with a built-in  
> limit.
> -Chris
> On Aug 26, 2009, at 7:28 AM, murple wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've just been given the task to install some CPlex "token" licenses
>> (and software) on our cluster. Since I never installed CPlex or any
>> license aware software on a cluster I have some questions:
>> - As I read there are some "cluster aware" license managers out there.
>> What do I get from them? Is there anything compatible with this "ILOG
>> License Manager" for CPlex?
>> - What about using the normal license manager in addition to a
>>   complex (number same as number of licenses):
>>   1. job request complex
>>   2. job requests license
>>   3. job runs
>>   4. job releases license
>>   5. job releases complex
>> regards, Andreas
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