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Wed Dec 2 15:36:57 GMT 2009

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Am 02.12.2009 um 14:50 schrieb pablorey:

>     Hi reuti,
>     We have a very special user: the regional weather forecast  
> service. Their jobs cannot wait for free slots as a normal job  
> because the forecast for the weather has to be published on time.  
> So we have to move into execution its pending jobs as soon as  
> possible.These are small jobs necessary to prepare all the files  
> used by the job (a big job) that will obtain the forecast running  
> in other machine.
>     To do it we follow these steps:
>     * ?Check if there are jobs of this user in error state and  
> clears this state if it is necessary.
>     * ?Hold all the pending jobs except its jobs.
>     * ?Change the priority for this user.
>     * ?Restrict access to the nodes while we are increasing  
> complex_values like num_proc or memory to avoid jobs of other users  
> to be executed in the selected nodes.

I always judge num_proc as a fixed feature and it shouldn't be  
touched. This can be done by "slots".

>     * ?After a short period of time the complex_values of the  
> selected nodes are restored.
>     * ?The last step is to remove the hold state of the pending jobs
>     How could we replace it by an RQS?. It sound very well but we  
> don't know how an RQS could help us to solve this problem.

It looks to me like you allow oversubscription by this user for a  
short time. What about a special queue to which only this user has  
access with one slot? You can also define a nice value of "0" in this  
queue (entry priority), while in the default queue it's "19" (or the  
jobs in the default queue even get suspended by subordination).


You can also have different limits for different users in an RQS:

limit name total hosts {*} to slots=9

and a second RQS with:

limit name default users !forecast hosts {*} to slots=8

and the limit in the queue definition is arbitrary (can be 9 or 42).  
So user forecast always has one slot more. You could use a third RQS  
if you want to limit user forecast not to fill a host with 9 slots  


Another option could be to submit a bunch of Advance Reservations.  
When they are granted you can submit a job into them and it will run  
for sure. Having this as a repeating feature (cronlike) is already an  


-- Reuti


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