[GE users] optimize job distribution for license usage?

ruppert dieter_ruppert at siemens.com
Fri Dec 4 16:44:19 GMT 2009


we want to use an application with GridEngine which is licensed
according to "user at host": starting the application multiple times
by the same user on the same host requires only one license token,
whereas another user on the same host (or the same user on another
host) requires additional license tokens.

Assume that there are two hosts A and B, each capable of running 
two jobs in parallel, i.e. four jobs could run at the same time. 
If two users each submit two jobs, this would require two license 
tokens if the jobs of one user both end up on host A, and the jobs 
of the other user on host B. Four license tokens would be needed 
if the two jobs of each user end up on different hosts.

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