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I have users that runs jobs for weeks and sometime months on our grid,
We experienced some "GDI errors" and traced it down to slow SATA disks.
We need to move our sge installation to Fiber Channel disks, so before
we move the storage, we're informing users that all jobs will be qdel
at a specific time. One user ask what about a job that he's been running
for one month, would he be able to restart the job where it was suspended

Sun tech wrote:

It will not work.
The jobs need to be able to be checkpointed. Even with checkpointing
and it may not work unless the app is inherently checkpointable.

I was wondering if anyone else had a scenario like this, and what would
be a solution.


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Am 08.12.2009 um 17:56 schrieb wagoodman:

> I?m familiar with the qmod command, my real question is:  if issue  
> let?s say a qhold or qmod ? sj to suspend the job
> then shut down  the daemon on the execution host and submit hosts  
> and shutdown the qmaster and the shadow,
> when I finish the work on the servers (move storage) and then issue  
> qmod ?rj to reschedule the job, would that
> work when the daemon on the execution hosts, submit hosts and the  
> qmaster and the shadow are restarted?

Depends on what you try to achieve with "will it work".

-- Reuti

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