[GE users] SGE 6.2: qsub -sync y option for large number of jobs

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Sun Dec 13 20:29:56 GMT 2009

Hi Ed,

Am 12.12.2009 um 22:17 schrieb elauzier:

> Anyone have any information on the pros and cons of the qsub -sync  
> y option?
> ( Ex: pro: can be killed by entering cntr-c)
> ( Ex: con: if terminal session is broken,
>   the job is killed...)
> For example, as part of a job flow...
> one might do the following:
>  qsub -b y -cwd -V -sync y -N arrayjob -t 1-10000 sleep 1800
> The qsub command will not return until the entire job array has  
> finished...
> hence one of my concerns...
> Now, for a few users doing this,
> it may be fine, but for many users
> I would have reservations about such an animal for say 100 users  
> all running 10000
> element job arrays at the same time...
> Would using job dependencies be more
> robust or lead to more scheduling
> overhead?
> Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...

the question is first: what do you want to achieve - just some kind  
of job dependency? I would use "-sync y" more for an immediate job in  
combination with "-now y" while I can wait for the result. Simply  
because any kind of workflow which is uses "-sync y" will submit  
followup jobs after the first bunch of jobs finished - hence the  
newly submitted jobs are again at the end of the waiting jobs (unless  
you setup some urgency policy or alike). If you submit all at once,  
also the followup jobs will move to the head of the waiting jobs once  
their hold is removed.

-- Reuti

> Thanks,
> Ed Lauzier
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