[GE users] submitting parallel jobs

cgull matt.mcnally at virgin.net
Tue Dec 15 11:24:41 GMT 2009

Sorry to come back to this. But confused now with allocating memory to a queue.

I know submit to these three queues with qsub -pe orte* 
Which is working well.

The problem we have is that the job size allowable can be different for each of these machines. 

i.e. We know a job will only run on hill and bira, as job will take 40GB which we know is too large for cevert. 

We could do different orte_"machine" but i know we will have more machines in the future which will make this more complicated for the users submitting. 

Would be nice if we could set the limit of the queue for cevert to 35GB then if we submit with something like -l mem=40GB (or $# -l mem=40GB in script) SGE would automatically know that it cannot submit job onto cevert. 

If something like this was possible we could also assign hill and bira to have limits 45GB and 80GB respectively, therefore if we submitted a job with -l mem =75GB only bira would allow the job to run on it.

I am confused with how i really should be setting this as there appear to be many different configurations. If you could shed any light on how it should be configured it would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time in advance


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