[GE users] exclusive host use and subordinate queue

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Dec 17 18:51:30 GMT 2009


Am 17.12.2009 um 16:27 schrieb ajw:

> I have 2 queues set in grid engine.  A normal priority queue and a  
> low priority queue which is subordinate to the normal priority queue.
> In normal (non-exclusive) use I have it configured so when a job is  
> submitted to the normal priority queue any jobs running in the low  
> priority queue will get killed and resubmitted.
> The problem comes when a normal priority job is submitted with  
> excl=true and a low priority job is already running.  The normal  
> priority job won't start in this situation.  I get this message:
> (-l exclusive=true) cannot run at host "xxx" because exclusive  
> resource (exclusive) is already in use
> Is there any way to change this behavior?

no. The problem is similar to using a license of an already running job:


Once a job is scheduled, SGE will never consider it for something  
like rescheduling. I assume, you use a custom terminate_method to  
reschedule the job? SGE can't know this, and hence the resources are  
still in use.


What you can try: having a special queue for exclusive jobs (one  
slot) and don't request any resources in the qsub command.  
Subordinated to this exclusive.q: normal.q and low.q. In the  
normal.q, you have to subordinate exclusive.q (so, either 1, 2,  
3, ... are running in the normal.q or only one in the exclusive.q).

-- Reuti

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