[GE users] limit users * to slots=10

craffi dag at sonsorol.org
Fri Dec 18 11:57:17 GMT 2009

Hi Marv,

Resource Quotas are very very powerful and are worth digging into the 
documentation for ...

A few things ...

This old wiki page has some additional examples:

For your specific questions:

There is a special grouping character "{}" that can be used to define if 
your quota limit applies in aggregate or to each individual member of 
the scoped set.

Example (hope I don't get this backwards in my coffeeless state ... )

This would limit each individual user to no more than 10 slots:

   limit users {*} to slots=10

This would put a global limit for all users who can consume no more than 
10 slots:

   limit users * to slots=10

The above would be equiv to your maxujobs

And for the multiple queue question it's also pretty simple. You can 
name queues in your quota limit line so you can have different limits on 
different queues. You can have multiple rules in effect - just 
understand that the "first match" wins if there is any overlap.

marvnoo9 wrote:
> Pardon this simple question (I'm new to Resource Quotas) ...
> In http://wikis.sun.com/display/gridengine62u2/Managing+Resource+Quotas , I see the following:
> "For example, the following limit rule limits all users together to 10 slots: limit users * to slots=10."
> Does that really mean an aggregate limit of 10 slots?  The question of whether or not that means an aggregate limit is what's confusing me.
> How do I get the same functionality as what I now have for maxujobs:
> qconf -ssconf | grep maxu
> maxujobs                          16
> ... but allow an exception for a single user or all individual users in a special queue to each be allowed more than the 16.


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