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templedf dan.templeton at sun.com
Tue Dec 29 21:39:19 GMT 2009

The environment is only inherited by default in older versions.  I 
forget exactly when that changed, but I think it was with 6.1.


reuti wrote:
> Am 29.12.2009 um 19:20 schrieb fanou:
>>> "Load value" just means it's a value that was reported from a load
>>> sensor.  I agree that it sounds like you have a load sensor that's
>>> misbehaving.  The load sensor for a global value would not be set  
>>> in the
>>> global host config (qconf -sconf).  It would instead be set for one
>>> specific host.  (Yes, it sounds illogical, but it actually makes  
>>> sense
>>> if you think it through.)  Check the "qconf -sconf <host>" output for
>>> all your machines, e.g.
>>> for host in `qconf -sel`; do
>>>   echo $host
>>>   qconf -sconf host | grep load_sensor
>>> done
>>> And when you find it, write yourself a note so that you don't have  
>>> to go
>>> looking for it again in the future. :)
>> True !
>> qconf -sconf master.cluster reports a load sensor.
>> This script file uses some environment variables whom disappeared...
>> No, I have to find how to set them without restarting the system  
>> and give them to my 'sgeadmin' account who run sge_qmaster and  
>> sge_schedd.
> When the sgeexecd ist started during boot, maybe these environment  
> variables aren't set. But when you stop/start the execd (just on this  
> particular node with the defined load sensor script) from the command  
> line, it might be defined and so available to the script as the  
> enviroment is inherited by default.
> - Reuti
>> Thanks for your help !
>> -- 
>> Fanou
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