[GE users] What the ... default shell ... confusion

sgenedharvey sge at nedharvey.com
Tue Dec 29 22:34:48 GMT 2009

I thought, when you submit a job, it will run with your default login shell.
I would have sworn, weeks ago, I tested and confirmed this in my system.

But today, I am certainly testing, and seeing, that all jobs are being submitted via csh.

The desired behavior is for bash users to submit and run via bash, while csh users run via csh.  Basically, jobs should run under whatever is your default login shell.

Anybody know where I should look?

Currently, when users submit jobs, they use a wrapper script, which does this:
qsub -cwd -b y -j y -p -512 -V -q camb.q -o ${HOME}/gridout $@

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