[GE users] xterm path related weirdness with 6.1u2

craffi dag at sonsorol.org
Sun Feb 1 18:47:09 GMT 2009

Hi folks,

2 strange things with 6.1u2:

According to the manpage for sge_conf I should be able to define the  
path to xterm at the exec host level:

>   xterm
>       xterm is the absolute pathname to the X Window System terminal  
> emulator, xterm(1).
>       Each ge_execd(8) may use a private mail agent. Changing xterm  
> will take immediate effect.
>       The default for xterm is /usr/bin/X11/xterm.
>       The global configuration entry for this value may be  
> overwritten by the execution host local configu-
>       ration.

But when I actually try adding "xterm   /usr/bin/xterm" via the  
command "qconf -me <hostname>" I get this error:

> error: unknown attribute name "xterm"
> error: error reading file: "/tmp/19531-llYYDD"

This is important to me because even though I have the xterm path  
correct in the global config:

> $ qconf -sconf | grep xterm
> xterm                        /usr/bin/xterm

I still see the bad "/usr/bin/X11/xterm" path listed in the sge  
qmaster logs when my "qsh" takes down an entire cluster queue due to  
being marked into state 'E':

> 02/01/2009 13:36:24|worker|YYY|W|job 357856.1 failed on host XXXX  
> general before job because: 02/01/2009 13:36:23 [996:13943]: unable  
> to find xterm executable "/usr/bin/X11/xterm" for interactive job
> 02/01/2009 13:36:24|worker|YYY|E|queue test.q marked QERROR as  
> result of job 357856's failure at host XXXX




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