[GE users] GE6.2 num_proc consumable strange behavior for mpi $fillup jobs

jlopez jlopez at cesga.es
Mon Feb 2 17:22:42 GMT 2009

>> In the example above I have a node with 4 processors so if a job
>> requesting "num_proc=4 and "-pe mpi 4" will consume 4x4=16 processors.
>> This would be an example of an hybrid mpi+openmp job.
> Aha, so the num_proc was multplied by the requested slot count as  
> it's usual done for consumable reqource requests. Why not requesting:
> -pe mpi 16
> and using a fixed "allocation_rule 4". In you jobscript you will get  
> the number of slots ($NSLOST) and hosts ($NHOSTS). Then you can set:
> export omp_num_proc=$(($NSLOST/$NHOSTS))
> How did you set the omp_num_proc before?
I set OMP_NUM_THREADS using the num_proc value requested but of course 
it would be possible to use the option you suggest.

I like the alternative implementation you suggest and I will see if we 
can implement it.

In any case I still don't understand why GE 6.2 is not correctly doing 
the multiplication of the consumable. I even tried with another 
consumable num_proc2 and I get the same odd behavior as with num_proc 
(in this case there is no overlap with an existing load_value). In this 
case I would expect that the accounting of the used consumable would be 

After all these tests to me it looks like a bug when using $fill_up.



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