[GE issues] [Issue 2904] New - jobs started with -l dwg=true can't display their GUI on Windows Vista and Server 2008

pollinger harald.pollinger at sun.com
Thu Feb 5 15:27:11 GMT 2009

                 Issue #|2904
                 Summary|jobs started with -l dwg=true can't display their GUI 
                        |on Windows Vista and Server 2008
              OS/Version|Windows XP
       Status whiteboard|
              Issue type|DEFECT
             Assigned to|pollinger
             Reported by|pollinger

------- Additional comments from pollinger at sunsource.net Thu Feb  5 07:27:10 -0800 2009 -------
On Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, jobs started with -l dwg=true (and
without -v SGE_BACKGND_MODE=TRUE) can't display their GUI on the visible desktop.

Reason is a change in the security model of Windows services with Windows Vista
and it's successors (Server 2008 family, likely also Windows 7). Now the
services all run in a special logon session which isn't attached to any visible

Officially it's not allowed and it's not necessary for a service to display a
GUI, therefore it's child processes also can't and mustn't display a GUI.
Instead use IPC to transfer the data to a different program that displays all
data from the service.

There is a way to run a process in the session of the currently logged on user
under the account of the currently logged on user. This process has access to
the visible desktop. If this process gets the user name and password of the job
user, it can logon as this user and start a process that runs under the job
users account and has access to the visible desktop.

Possibly there is a way to do both if this in the service itself, there are ways
to tweak logon tokens and ACLs in a way I do not yet completely understand.


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