[GE users] Small jobs jumping ahead of large jobs that reserve Virtual_free memory.

futurity neil at futurity.co.uk
Thu Feb 5 18:07:07 GMT 2009

Hi Grid Users,


The admin manual talks about the jobs with the highest priority get the
earliest resource assignment.  


I have a few questions about this. When we submit jobs (all with the same
priority) using up a consumable virtual_free "vf" memory resource, we see in
a queue with a small jobs running on every machine, that small jobs that are
requesting a small amount of "vf" but aren't reserving "vf" are transferring
and running ahead of large jobs that are requesting a large amount of "vf"
and are reserving "vf".  These smaller jobs are submitted after the larger
jobs are submitted.


1a)   Does resource assignment and reservation work when jobs have equal

1b)   In the example scenario described above, will the large jobs always be
held back as long as there are smaller jobs waiting to be run (queued before
it and after it)? 

1c)   We don't want the users submitting these larger to have an unfair
advantage in the grid, so we ideally don't want them to be able to submit
jobs of a higher priority.  Do these larger jobs have to have a higher
priority?  If they have to have higher priority, is there a way to stop the
users abusing this priority advantage without stopping them from using all
machines when the grid is empty.


I've tried to test various scenarios to replicate this problem, but its a
nightmare tracking what is going on when I'm submitting jobs to more than
one machine at a time. 


Any help will be really appreciated.






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