[GE users] Memory quotas

davidecittaro davide.cittaro at ifom-ieo-campus.it
Mon Feb 9 20:02:20 GMT 2009

Hi all, I've a question concerning quota for memory.
We have here users that drained all the available memory with a little  
number of jobs, all this followed by totally unresponsive servers :-(
I've read the archives and tried the h_vmem as a consumable, but in  
the end what I've done is setting virtual_free as consumable and  
writing a resource quota for it:

$ qconf -srqs MemoryQuota
    name         MemoryQuota
    description  Memory quota for users. Nobody can use more than 30  
    enabled      TRUE
    limit        users {*}  to virtual_free=30G

This, at least, allows me to keep jobs in qw state until the quota is  
exceeded. Good. Also, since virtual_free is a load sensor it is  
reported to the quota even if it is not requested. Plus, if a user  
specifies -l virtual_free=X, his remaining quota is lowered by X.
This seems to be a fair solution but I have some issues I suspect are  
not easy to solve:
- How can I handle users that run jobs that exceed quota while they  
are running? I mean, if an user submits a job that at a certain point  
allocates for 50 Gb, it drains lot of the memory available
- I cannot set a suspend threshold for memory, as the memory  
referenced by a process can't be lowered while it is running (isn't it?)

In the end, which is the optimal solution for memory management in  
grid engine?




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