[GE users] Memory quotas

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Feb 10 14:33:32 GMT 2009


Am 10.02.2009 um 14:03 schrieb davidecittaro:

> Hi again,
> On Feb 10, 2009, at 1:11 PM, reuti wrote:
>>> Ok, I see... and should it be set as complex value in execution
>>> host configuration?
>> this can be set either per exechost as you suggest, or in another  
>> RQS:
>> limit hosts {*} to h_vmem=64GB
> Mmm... interesting, I'll give a try for sure.
>>> Talking about this, I've noticed that if a user sends qlogin,
>>> qquota says that he is using 5 Gb RAM (I'm using qlogin_wrapper to
>>> sshd). I wonder why this is happening...
>> Is there any default defined in `qconf -sc`?
> Nope. And this happens only for qlogin sessions...
>>> Just a doubt: suppose I set h_vmem to 40 Gb, will a job be killed
>>> if it goes over 40 Gb or every job is killed as the 40 Gb is  
>>> reached?
>> h_vmem limited in an RQS won't be enforced. It has to be requested
>> per job (or the default from `qconf -mc`applies) and this individual
>> resource request (per job) will be enforced.
> So, to summarize, you suggest to
> - set h_vmem as consumable in qconf -mc
> - set a RQS for hosts to a certain amount of RAM (less than 64 Gb,  
> as some daemons are running allocating ~10Gb per host)
> - set a default for h_vmem (say 2 Gb) that can be overridden by,  
> say,  "-l h_vmem=10G"

correct. In addition you can define it in the queue configuration.  
This would then be a limit per job, and the user couldn't request  
anything higher than this per job.


- default in "qconf -mc": 5GB

- maximum limit in queue definition per slot: 40GB

- Limit per node across all jobs on this particular node (either in  
exechost definition or as an RQS): 54GB

- Limit in total per user across all of his jobs in an RQS: 100 GB

> In this way one can run any number of job (RQS on slots apply, of  
> course) and if a job drains more than the h_vmem available it is  
> killed. Is this right?


-- Reuti


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