[GE users] running python script as a job on windows

juby justin.ottley at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 21:17:51 GMT 2009

Hi Harald,

Thanks for the reply - I had known about SGE_Helper_Service.exe but 
wasnt exactly sure what it was. It looks like the problem was as you had 
suggested - a site specific issue with the way python was installed for 
windows, where it couldn't find required dlls that are typically in the 
In future ill utilize SGE_Helper_Service for diagnosing these kinds of 

Im not using the Interix built python, although I am hoping to switch to 
it (I imagine interix-python would see the posix style filesystem, which 
would simplify things for cross-platform submissions).


pollinger wrote:
> Hi Juby,
> are you using the native Windows Python (for Win32 or Win64) or the one 
> built for Interix?
> If you use the native one, it's well possible that just the path is not 
> set correctly and it can't find a DLL or something.
> There is a Windows service delivered with SGE that starts the Windows 
> applications directly in the Win32/Win64 environment and allows them to 
> display their GUIs on the visible desktop - this helps debugging 
> problems if an application just opens a message box with an error 
> message. And it helps getting the right environment, because it loads 
> the job users Windows profile. You can also use this service to start 
> the application on an invisible desktop, but with the job users Windows 
> profile.
> Please see man SGE_Helper_Service.exe(8) for details.
> Regards,
> Harald
> juby wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> Im trying to run a job on windows, which is a python script. What i'm 
>> finding is that the python interpreter exits immediately without any 
>> output. Has anyone seen this kind of behavior before?
>> The python interpreter is on a network share, which is mapped to a 
>> driver letter. It looks like the sge_execd can see the network share. 
>> Running the interpreter through telnet, etc, on the box works fine. 
>> Running through the SFU shell (e.g., ksh) also works fine.
>> SGE 6.1u5 windows binaries.
>> thanks for any info,
>> -justin
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