[GE users] "h_rt" or "s_rt" for predicting job end times

futurity neil at futurity.co.uk
Thu Feb 12 14:50:15 GMT 2009

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Hi Daniel,

I don't believe our jobs are written or could easily be modified to listening for various signals.  

I suspect that using "s_rt" rather than "h_rt" will have the same result and the job will just be terminated at the same time?


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h_rt -> SIGKILL when limit exceeded
s_rt -> SIGUSR1 when limit exceeded, SIGKILL <notify> seconds later h_cpu -> SIGKILL when limit exceeded -- RACE: OS may send SIGXCPU first s_cpu -> SIGXCPU when limit exceeded -- Used with h_cpu to send a warning


futurity wrote:
> Hi,
> We?re using Grid Engine 6.1 and need some help deciding which out of 
> "h_rt" and "s_rt" our jobs should be using in order to help the 
> scheduler predict when jobs will finish.
> When I posted recently about our reservation problems, Reuti suggested 
> I look into using ?h_rt?. Unfortunately the Admin and User PDF guides 
> don?t contain any information on either "h_rt" or "s_rt", so I had to 
> experiment to find out what it does.
> From my experiments, it appears that ?h_rt? sets a run time per job, 
> which is used by the scheduler to predict when jobs finish.
> Unfortunately, it causes jobs to be terminated if they run for longer 
> than this specified time. I?m guessing that ?h_? stands for a hard 
> limit and this is why jobs are terminated when then exceed this?
> I?m guessing that ?s_rt? is a soft limit? I?m hoping that this means 
> that once the time specified by the job is reached, that it does ?NOT?
> terminate the job? i.e. if the user specified the wrong time limit by 
> accident, or the job ran slower for some reason, that the job would be 
> allowed to continue running?
> Does anyone know if ?s_rt? is also used by the scheduler in the same 
> way that ?h_rt? is used and if the only difference would be that one 
> terminates and the other doesn?t?
> Sorry for all these questions but I can?t seem to find any 
> documentation on these two settings. If anyone can point me at some 
> documentation it would be really appreciated.
> Many thanks,
> Neil


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