[GE users] mysql path + arco issues

crhea crhea at mayo.edu
Wed Feb 18 22:19:49 GMT 2009

> You might see a difference once you use the INNodB as the storage 
> engine.  Since you are using MyISAM, the performance 
> might be totally different, because no constraints are checked, 
> therefore you cannot also assure data integrity.

I suspect you are correct about vastly different performance characteristics between InnoDB and MyISAM... 

> I am actually not sure why you mean that it can never catch up and it 
> trashes the db. 

Not "trashes"--  thrashes (churns) the DB. I'd see the delete process locking things for several minutes (presumably doing a table scan). The insert processing would wait. As soon as a batch of 500 were done, it would start over. The current/new accounting data could never get caught up because the delete processing would keep it locked out. 

> http://wikis.sun.com/display/GridEngine/Derived+Values+and+Deletion+Rules
> However, I agree that this limit could be configurable.

Thanks for the info. What we were seeing makes much more sense now.


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